Tender bid documents help you stand out from the competition. If you need that extra bit of spice and pizzazz to your submission then let us take care of it. From the simple budget friendly, the different approach to the all singing and dancing 3D printed presentation case it is all possible at!

Logos play an integral role for the image of a company. It sets out the style and themes for all promotional material, stationary and even uniforms. Here at 47 Creative, we can create a logo for you to use on your new company or update your current logo. Logo design is a specialist skill so it is important to get it right for you.

Promotional products easily help promote you. Something as simple as a pen means that a client keeps your contact details in their pocket. A pop up display for exhibitions, clothing and high quality products show how serious and committed you are.

Part of my design background is designing sports bags and clothing. Bags and clothing help with promoting your business which can include tender bid submissions, uniforms, exhibitions or simply for your sports club. Bespoke clothing really shows commitment & professionalism.