Beehave and Bee quiet logo.png
Beehave & Bee Quiet

Tender Document & Logo Design

This tendered was to install urban bee hives on top of the St Ermins hotel in London. The company pride themselves the health and welfare of their bees and on their green credentials.

They required a new logo to help tender for bigger clients and to elevate themselves into new market placeses. Their relaxed and happy approach to the work helped to design a bee that had a slightly ‘cheeky’ and ‘mischievous’ look to it, which the two brothers who run this company have!

A very important part of the brief that I had to be adhered to, was the use of natural, recycled and recyclable products and materials for the submission. The document itself was printed on recycled paper which was bound in off cut pieces of leather from the sofa industry and the box was made from recycled cardboard. A suggestion from myself was to have a sample of honey from one of their hives in a unique bottle, viewable through a a cut out section of the presentation box.

Box Mock up.jpg