A bit about 47 Creative

The journey of 47 Creative started several years ago. I was made redundant after the office I worked in was move to London and could no longer work for them. It was at this point that I remembered the story of the 47 Ronin.

The legend speaks of 47 Samurai who’s master was killed by another Lord. They became Ronin, masterless Samurai. They decided to plan and organise themselves to avenge their masters death, to right the wrongs that happened to them.

After I was made redundant I became a masterless designer, a Ronin of the design world. I have organised myself to become a successful freelance designer. My plan is to have other freelance designers join 47 Creative, become a co-operative and be the 47 Ronin of design.


I have a very diverse design background, started 20 years ago and in serval different disciplines. For my degree in Industrial Design at UCLan I designed a rucksack for Karrimor. After that I worked in the sports bag market for over 5 years. Since then I have worked in the design and print world on large format signage, brochures, corporate ID and high profile tender documents for facilities management companies and their clients.

Many designers have limited design experience. Due to my wide and full knowledge I am able to offer a service that can fulfil all of your needs. If you need that unique and personal touch to your designs then please get in contact and let the creativity start!

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