Virgin Document Dust Cover Wrapped copy.
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Virgin Trains

Direction, Production & Editing

This Virgin Trains tender documents submission was designed for Lorne Stewart Facilities Management for the Virgin Trains west coast stations. The brief was to show that Lorne Stewart understood the philosophy, image and character of Virgin Trains, who have a unique style and identity. Due to the high budget of the contract (£80,000,00), the budget of the tender submission design was sizeable, this allowed for more unique solutions.


The finalised design that was settle upon was a traditional printed book with unique, bespoke imagery and design, presented in a 3D printed display box. The box was an expanded Virgin Trains logo with the top half hinging up with a gas strut actuation to represent the sound of a train door opening. To compliment the design and to aid the presentation coats, bags and caps were designed to be worn to the tender presentation, and a set of smaller 3D printed versions of the box were made as desk tidies.

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3D box lid artwork under and file.jpeg