Network For Nature

Newsletter & Promotional Products

Network for Nature is a new and recently set group that connects all Civil Servants together to help the nature and the environment. The newsletter was initially created to highlight the work being undertaken and to encourage more people to join in.

The design follows a similar style to the e-News letter for the Ministry of Justice. These are linked together, but the Network for Nature has a far broader reach, over the whole of the Civil Service, not just the Ministry of Justice. The technical but informal style was brought forward into this newsletter to help continuity and familiarity.

Network for Nature are holding a conference to highlight the work that they are doing and to promote how to protect nature within the setting of the Civil Service. For this conference, I was asked to design pop up banners, lanyards and stickers to be used on seed packets and laptops. A simple but crisp design philosophy was used, a prominent logo, green and white used predominantly and to use related imagery.


Conference Promotional Products

Pop-Up Banner

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