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Ministry of Justice

E-News, The Ecology Newsletter

A simple brief, to design a new style of newsletter for the ecology department of the Ministry of Justice. Due to a change in editor and other members of staffing, a new style and external design was required. On the face of it a very simple brief, but having a blank page to work from made it a tougher exercise. The only specifications were that the newsletter was to be no more tan 15 pages long and to be in a format that was compatible to print and screen viewing, but also printable.

For the new look newsletter, a new logo was needed. Something that was ubiquitous for ecology but not a cliche link to nature (leaves, trees, animals etc). A simple abstract form was settled upon to give a juxtaposition of nature and design. The rest of the layout followed a similar path, a simple clean design but with fluidity and natural adjustments.