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Ministry of Justice

Bespoke Documents & Signage

Each year the ecology department hold an awards event for good practice and innovative projects for all the MoJ sites (prisons, probation offices etc). During the covid pandemic this couldn’t go ahead as usual. So, it was decided to create a ‘yearbook’ to simply celebrate all the good things that the sites have been doing.This has been so successful that the director have requested this to become a yearly document.

From the success of the yearbook, I was commissioned to produce a ‘Pond information board’ in association with the Animals Reptile Group (ARG), for the ‘Ponds in Every Prison’ initiative. These are currently being installed into ever prison and sites with ponds. I am currently working on an information board for the orchards unitive project.

For the new look newsletter, a new logo was needed. Something that was ubiquitous for ecology but not a cliche link to nature (leaves, trees, animals etc). A simple abstract form was settled upon to give a juxtaposition of nature and design. The rest of the layout followed a similar path, a simple clean design but with fluidity and natural adjustments.