Nativity Puzzle brown and color box
Pint Size Planet Presentation Board
Pint Size Planet
Childrens toys and accessories

Packaging Design

The brief for this design was to design a clean and minimal box for a Childs wooden nativity puzzle. The thinking behind the puzzle is that it should last many years with a family and therefore the box needs to be tough and durable.

A very simple construction was chosen. A folding upper that is held in places with dual magnets that covers a three sided upright container to ease access to the multi layered puzzle. The colours and imagery used were taken directly from the design of the puzzle.

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Pint Size Planet Presentation Board 10a.
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Throne Boss
Gaming Chair Packaging

Throne Boss 1.png

Throne Boss is an offshoot of Pint Size Planet, run by the same company. After the success of the puzzle packaging, I was asked to design the packaging for a gaming chair.