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Corporate Identity Guide

GinJam is a new gin festival organiser. These festivals are parties, they have live music, gin tasting, fancy dress, themes and much much more. They are a complete festival organiser who help the venue set up and run the event. They commissioned a logo and corporate identity guide to send to suppliers, venues and other parts of the company.

The logo was asked to look like a simple bottle label. They wanted a logo that had connected elements like the Fedex logo. So the I and J of the logo were linked and combined with the vertical section of a cocktail glass, combining it all.

The guide had to show the fonts, colours, placement etc of how to create their vision and style. The style guide would also be sent to the venue to help them create their own promotional material if they were to put on a smaller event, or to help promote the larger ones. It had to be kept simple so it could be understood by people who have little knowledge of design & promotion, but had to be clear and show complex ideas. The client also wanted it to fun, 1920’s cocktail prohibition era look to it. The writing inside the document reflects this by using the analogy of making drinks and cocktails, this is to give a lively, fun and colourful atmossphere and not dry like other ID guides.

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