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Tender Documents and the Presentation Designs for Lorne Stewart

This submission for the maintenance of all the stations on the Merseyrail network. This included the cleaning of the stations but also air conditioning repairs, electrical systems checks and much more.

As is was a big contract, and one that was for an extension of the current services they did for the network, it was decided to have a presentation case, hardback document and a system of showing the timeline of Lorne Stewarts involvement with Merseyrail. As you moved through the document, the sun slowly rose up, each page was subtly altered, the sun rising, the shine on the rail moving and the birds moving.

The timeline of the companies involvement with Merseyrail was designed to look like a train ine map, similar to ones used on the London Underground and many other tramline maps. This timeline folded up and was placed inside the presentation box, with the document placed behind it. The presentation box was meant to echo the emergency telephone boxes that used to be found on their stations.

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